Perhaps this approach could be used for training telephone canvassers?

This is how the voice of the speaking clock was selected in the UK in 1936, with a panel pf people listening in to each would-be speaking clock in turn.

Auditions for the first speaking clock

Jane Cain ended up being the voice of the speaking clock from 1936 until 1963, when Pat Simmons took over.

Perhaps a format that could be adopted for training telephone canvassers in the Liberal Democrats…

If you’re interested in canvassing, here’s some of the evidence on how it works and here’s more about how to do it.

3 responses to “Perhaps this approach could be used for training telephone canvassers?”

  1. Phone Canvassing: You need a hook… something human that relieves the tension. The other two parties are utterly devoid of that common touch so… how about, for every completed ‘chat’ we offer a Vince Cable stress doll.

    Very few people are going to ignore that or forget they were called.

  2. And a good way to do PPC Selections in a hurry too. A friendly voice is a definite media asset – and hey, no need for a balanced Selection panel !

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