Former Labour councillor Sultan Khan joins Liberal Democrats

Sultan Khan and Bristol Liberal Democrats

On a day on which Liberal Democrat membership is surging nationally, Bristol Liberal Democrats have announced the recruitment of Councillor Sultan Khan, who left Labour a few months ago over their factionalism and infighting.

Cllr Sultan Khan said:

I am very pleased to be joining the Liberal Democrats and look forward to working with them to raise the issues and problems of the communities that I represent and provide continuous leadership for.

After being a member of the Labour party for so long leaving it has been one of the hardest decisions of my life, but I felt at this moment reason and community politics was being pushed out for ideology and factionalism.

I still have many friends across all parties, and I will still seek to work with everyone to better the interests of the residents of Eastville and Bristol as a whole.

Cllr Sultan Khan, is also joined by former Labour activists Mohammad Rashid and Satnam Singh.

Welcoming him and the other new members, Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr Gary Hopkins said:

I am delighted to welcome Khan to the Liberal Democrats and have no doubt that he will be a key part of our team and of ensuring the council does its best to ensure all its communities are represented.

This is a big step but for Sultan Khan and others to make, this decision is not one to take lightly. Between the three new members joining us today is over 60 years of Labour party membership.

As Liberal Democrats, our interests are in ensuring our communities are heard at the Council House and the council continues to work for the betterment of Bristol and its residents.

This news brings the Liberal Democrat council group up to eight ahead of the 2020 local elections, which will also feature Mayoral candidate Mary Page campaigning to hold a vote on abolishing the position of elected Mayor.

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  1. Would the new recruits be cos of little difficulties over Brexit (sarky me!). OR would it be cos we have a new young female leader who has had thankfully some publicity? I hope we are pushing on ALL media outlets what we stand for as LDV has done. The ‘young’ bit can be identified with people of any age who are wishing for change from the old tired 2 parties.

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