Liberal Democrats sign cross-party Bill to stop no-deal

Liberal Democrat shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake has signed the cross-party Bill which, if passed, will force Boris Johnson to request a three-month extension if Parliament has either not agreed a deal or agreed to no-deal by October 19th.

Following this, Tom Brake said:

This Bill provides the means to rule out a catastrophic no-deal Brexit. If passed, it will ensure that Boris Johnson has to seek an extension so that he cannot drag the country off the cliff edge.

The Liberal Democrats have been working with others to ensure that this Tory-created mess does not lead to us falling out of the EU without a deal on October 31st. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure this is the case.

But ultimately the only way of bringing this sad chapter of our history to an end is to provide a People’s Vote and as, the strongest and biggest remain party, we will keep fighting to stop Brexit altogether.

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One response to “Liberal Democrats sign cross-party Bill to stop no-deal”

  1. If a three month extension is made to the EU he will need a plan to convince Angie Merkel et al to agree too. No sign Boris is capable of putting any plan together. All this with a majority of one and Farage sat on his back.

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