December election looks to be on… and here’s why it’s good news for the Lib Dems

With Labour now also supporting a pre-Christmas general election, it’s looking about as certain as anything can be in current British politics.

It’s a contest that the Liberal Democrats can enter with a high degree of optimism:

  1. It will be a general election in which the future of Brexit can be determined. Giving people that decision is good for democracy. What’s more, from a narrower Lib Dem self-interest it gives a chance to change the Parliamentary maths from the current set-up which has voted against a People’s Vote seven times.
  2. The election can be made about Brexit yes or no, rather than no deal Brexit yes or no. This gives the Lib Dems the best chance to win votes over from Labour and its life-long Euro-sceptic leader.
  3. When balanced media coverage kicks in for broadcast media at the general election, this will give the party a significant boost. The usual default to paying much more attention to the government than to anyone else outside of election time will cease.
  4.  Without giving away any confidential information, you can tell from some of the party’s pairing of (prospective) candidates and seats how positive the party’s data and polling is looking.
  5.  The Lib Dems are particularly reliant on voluntary labour, while Labour and the Conservatives in particular rely much more on money. People are already getting exhausted from the intensive period of heightened pre-election campaigning. An election sooner rather than later gives much more chance of keeping up that tempo until polling day.


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