Stephen Lloyd: I’m going to be doing everything I can to stop Brexit

Having made a promise at the last general election, Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Lloyd felt he had to vote for the government’s Brexit deal, resigning the party whip as a result.

But having kept to his promise, a new general election has given him the chance to, in his words, clear the slate:

I’ve kept my word folks [on voting for the Brexit deal] … but with the new general election the slate is clean. So what I’m telling you is … I’m going to be backing Remain full-throatedly…

I’m going to be doing everything I can to stop Brexit…

I’ve been a member of the Lib Dems for over 20 years. I’m a liberal at heart. So I’ve got every intention of standing for the Eastbourne Liberal Democrats.


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9 responses to “Stephen Lloyd: I’m going to be doing everything I can to stop Brexit”

  1. Excellent news and I’m sure someone of Stephen’s ability can bring the good people he serves round to his way of thinking . The argument about the future well- being of the NHS alone in the hands of the Tory Party should be a persuasive argument alone .
    Best of luck Stephen you deserve it for your integrity alone.

    • Joey, 2016 … I think Eastbourne different now. As Stephen says, this is a clean slate. Voters in Eastbourne will decide.

  2. I welcome the fact that Stephen will be back campaigning for remain. Although I profoundly disagreed with his 2017 election stance, he stuck to his word. Now he is saying that he cannot support any sort of Brexit and that Remain is the best deal in town. I hope the electors of Eastbourne will agree with him.

  3. If you stand as a Liberal in a Tory seat, then that is ‘going against the will of your constituents’.
    They then have the choice – to stick with their previous ‘will’ or change it.
    I think it’s called ‘democracy’.

  4. Yes of course you vote for whoever you want to….spoil your paper if you want to….stay away and not vote at all….buy what the point I was trying to make was that in 2016 the majority of Eastbourne voted to leave the EU. I doubt very much all of the town has now changed it mind as has been suggested. So its very likely that those leavers will not vote for anyone dead set on cancelling Brexit. They want Brexit and Stephen is dead set against it. I’m merely stating what is clearly obvious that his seat could hang in the balance.

  5. Also during the last MEP elections this year Eastbourne voted for Farage’s Brexit Party which backs up the above post by Joey that Eastbourne is still a Leave town..

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