British public continues to warm towards immigration

Continuing the pattern from previous data, going back over several years, comes this latest analysis from political scientist Patrick English:

UPDATE: More evidence, same picture.

2 responses to “British public continues to warm towards immigration”

  1. The graph looks like it’s following the economic shifts across the time periods. Settling to currently 40% dissatisfaction currently. Give or take a day or so. What this virus will do to the chart is anybody’s guess.
    So looking at that chart… in the good times, dissatisfaction drops, in hard times with high austerity dissatisfaction rises dramatically. And so on.
    As for rejoining the EU? It’ll never happen now.

  2. Nigel Farage said before the Referendum result something along the lines “if it’s a close vote, for example 52%/48% in favour of Remain, the argument won’t be over….).

    I’m with you Nigel….many of my Leave friends, now acquaintances, are changing their tune. Nightly instructions in the media to ‘listen to the experts’ on CV-19, clashes with the same loonies previously telling us to ignore experts when they advised us to remain in the EU. To say nothing of every previous surviving Prime Minister. And obviously all the dead ones since the last war.

    I haven’t given up….the appalling mis management of our Brexit loving Government has demonstrated the extent of their mendacious and misleading incompetence. The great British People are waking up to just how bad this bunch are, and I believe must be realising how misled they’ve been by the same people over the unicorn benefits of Brexit.

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