Seven thoughts on Dominic Cummings

Right from the start, Dominic Cummings’s defence of his actions shows, at best, very poor judgement:

He’s certainly not following past behaviour:

Dominic Cummings suggested that a sensible way to check your eyesight is to put a young child in a car and drive off. I’m not convinced:

I’m glad people I work with are better than him:

It’s not only Dominic Cummings who comes out of this badly. So too the Prime Minister:
Mark Pack tweets about Boris Johnson's poor defence of Dominic Cummings

Finally, a tip for Conservative Members of Parliament:

And Labour ones too:

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One response to “Seven thoughts on Dominic Cummings”

  1. it falls into the category of ‘methinks he protesteth too much’… I think he already had a full tank of petrol in preparation for this(and why does he even have a car in central London? Was it a hire car and therefore supplied full?).. They had been planning to spend a weekend with his parents for some time, and they just decided to go anyway. This elaborate, innocent, narcissistic rambling story shows his arrogant assumption that we will meekly accept it. I am insulted that he thinks I will.
    I am not atall surprised that Boris condones this, after all, it was just a schoolboy jape and he got caught. Give him a two-hour detention and that will be ok..
    Doesn’t the Head of the Civil Service have something to say here.?

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