Conservatives lose council majority after Cummings-inspired resignation

West Devon councillor Mike Davies has quit the Conservative Party over Dominic Cummings:

The former Mayor of West Devon said: “The lack of a resignation from Mr Cummings, a government advisor, undermines public trust and will now encourage people to break current and future rules.

“Following Mr Cummings’ lack of foresight to resign because of the impact of his actions, the Prime Minister should now terminate Mr Cummings’ employment.”

His departure means the Conservatives have lost their one-seat majority on the council and it is now no-overall-control.


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3 responses to “Conservatives lose council majority after Cummings-inspired resignation”

  1. With a permanent civil service headcount of 350000, and nearly 100000 part timers, and 25 cabinet members, one would have to wonder why this non elected ‘special advisor’ is required by the Great British People. I mean, Boris Johnson May be awful, but does he really need any more hand holding than he already has available?

  2. My view, as a former teacher, is that I see little Dominic sitting behind his desk making up an elaborate story to cover up a lie.

    Where is there any evidence that he or his wife were ill, atall . ? We are expected to just take his word for it.

    They had planned a week away with his parents, they had been planning it for months. He had the car ready with a tank full of fuel, so they were going anyway.. the rest is just stories, which his family are keeping quiet about and his mates in Downing St are covering for… Do you remember friends at school asking you to cover for them..? – this is just that.

  3. It is clear that Boris Johnson is out of his depth and completely relies on the advice of Dominic Cummings to deal with Government business as do the not so bright members of the Conservative Party who have driven out all the bright ones who supported remaining in the EU and now they do not know which way to turn. It must be hard for Johnson to have to rely on the likes of Duncan Smith etc because he chose to support leaving the EU as the best way to achieve office so he is desperate to hang on to Cummins as he does at least have some interesting ideas even if not everyone agrees with them. If he had just apologised then many people would have accepted it but the arrogance of the man could be his undoing as it was his making.

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