PODCAST – Lib Dem European policy, how the leadership election went and more

The Lib Dem Podcast joined up again with Never Mind The Bar Charts for a special show looking at the latest issues facing the Liberal Democrats. John Potter and Tom Morrison joined me to review the leadership contest as well as to discuss the debate about when the Lib Dems should be campaigning to rejoin the EU.

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Show notes

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One response to “PODCAST – Lib Dem European policy, how the leadership election went and more”

  1. Quite apart from being over repetitive, a format of 2 minute sound bites with very little probing follow up questions only accentuated the lack of variety. The campaign could have been an opportunity for the candidates to develop ideas and their presentation of a Liberal perspective.

    For a leadership election it was strange, given the importance of public presentation, that there were no set speeches with follow up questions.

    Ed and Layla seemed to agree to curtail discussion about the EU which to me was disheartening. Your discussion too seemed a matter of finding formulas of expression that pay lip service towards Europe, but because the discussion was devoid of content (- in what ways close to the EU?; – what route to rejoining might be possible?) was equally dispiriting. If I were to let my membership lapse, it would be because I felt the Party had too little to offer on Europe.

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