Public split 40%-38% over postponing May elections

The February Savanta ComRes tracker poll includes this finding on the timing of the next big round of elections, due in May:

There are due to be local elections in England, as well as devolved elections in Scotland, Wales and London, in May this year. Some say that the elections should go ahead as planned, but others say that they should be postponed due to the pandemic. Which of the following is closest to your view?

Postpone: 40%
Go ahead: 38%

That is essentially a tie given the margins of error involved.

I’ve not seen other polling on this question recently, so we’ve only got this one poll to go by so far. Do let me know if I’ve missed other polling on this.

UPDATE: Postpone led 43%-39% when the same question was asked by the same polling firm 5-7 February and by 45%-32% on 29-31 January, so there looks to be a trend away from postpone.

3 responses to “Public split 40%-38% over postponing May elections”

  1. I think that the local elections should go ahead. Many should have taken place in May 2020, but were postponed due to Covid=19. I would also suggest that they should be all done by postal ballot to reduce the risk spread of the virus because of people not socially distancing especially in indoor places such as polling stations. I recognise this would not be cheap, but democracy is precious and should be defended

  2. Thinks should be a lot different (and better) by May and provided people wear masks, keep social distancing and act sensibly, there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s important that the political temperature of the UK should be tested.

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