What does it mean to you to be a Liberal Democrat?

Last year, the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee (FPC) kicked off a consultation on the next steps in refreshing how we talk about our principles and values to meet the current times.

As part of the follow up to that, the FPC is asking members what it means to us to be a Liberal Democrat:

This exercise is important because a strong and identifiable set of values can help bind us together strongly as a party, can help us become more clearly identifiable to voters and potential new members, and can help distinguish us from others when elections come along. We also want to be able to use these principles and values to help us define our policies and help others anticipate what our policy responses might be to different situations.

To give your answers to that question, you can respond to the original consultation (see below). Or sign up for one of the two online consultation sessions coming up this month: Tuesday March 9th 8-9pm and Monday March 15th 12-1pm. If you are interested in attending, please let Alyssa Gilbert know at alyssaeis@yahoo.co.uk and you will be sent joining details shortly.

Here’s the consultation paper that was published last year:

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2 responses to “What does it mean to you to be a Liberal Democrat?”

  1. I was unaware of the original consultation: it didn’t seem to be much promoted beyond, presumably, the website. When I read it, shortly after the autumn conference, the wording left me unsure whether responses were still wanted, so I emailed and asked. No reply. So I sent a submission anyway. Not acknowledged. I have to assume it’s gone into the mix, but wouldn’t it be nice to know!

    I can’t attend tomorrow’s evening session and the next one gives way to electioneering, but I would have opened the consultation paper here, except I can’t open it!

    After May 2015, the Party ran a really big, well-promoted, exercise on the same theme and there were some excellent submissions, but it’s not clear anything changed as a result in our messaging or priorities – so what will happen this time?

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