Edward Lucas selected in Cities of London and Westminster

Following the selections of Bobby Dean and Zoe Franklin comes news of a third Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate selection:

He is best known for his journalism, including being a Times columnist and a former editor at The Economist. Being a modern journalist sort of person he of course also has a Substack newsletter, where he’s written:

Why give up a comfortable niche in thinktank-land for the uncertainties and hard work of grassroots politics?…

Here’s why.

For years I have tried to influence the course of events through writing and speaking. I’ve had some success — back in 2008 my book The New Cold War helped wake up opinion in the West to the danger posed by Putin’s Kremlin. Deception, a few years later, did the same for what we now call “hybrid warfare”. I’ve done a lot on China, too. I wrote countless articles for the Times and Economist, and my weekly column for CEPA, as well as think-tank studies.

But we’re losing. So instead standing on the sidelines urging politicians to do things, I’ve decided to get stuck in.

My aim is simple: to save democracy from dirty money, disinformation and digital manipulation. We in the UK take our institutions, freedom and rule of law for granted. That’s a mistake. They’re under threat. We need to defend them

The central London constituency I have chosen exemplifies much of what is best and worst about Britain. It’s home to the beating heart of our democracy. It’s also home to the cesspit that poisons it — the pinstriped traitors who launder money and reputations, corrode public trust and peddle influence in our politics.

As with Bobby and Zoe, he’s off to a great start with some impressive national media coverage for his selection:

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One response to “Edward Lucas selected in Cities of London and Westminster”

  1. Fantastic news! Edward Lucas is exactly the kind of top-quality, hugely well-informed, intelligent and credible candidate the party needs, to draw in support and see off the side-line sneerers like his colleague at “The Times”, Daniel Finkelstein and – until the Chesham and Amersham by-election- most of those in the other two main parties. Well done to the membership of this constituency party for selecting him – and, of course, thanks to him for putting himself forward.

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