PODCAST – It was the Blue Wall, not the Red Wall, that triggered Brexit

The Brexiters: wall art caricature of politicians
Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash.

Podcast favourite Tim Bale has a new book out about how Brexit happened – both why the referendum was called and then why it was lost. Discussing his book on the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts we get into how the real trigger of Brexit was the Blue Wall, not the Red Wall. Take a listen to find out why…

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One response to “PODCAST – It was the Blue Wall, not the Red Wall, that triggered Brexit”

  1. I stuck with the podcast, to the extent that I discovered how to listen through the app, rather than have the ipad switching off every two minutes. Clearly, I am not very tech savvy, and on that note, whilst Tim’s voice was very clear, I found Mark’s was indistinct as if it were on a poor phone line, which slightly marred my enjoyment of it.

    Content wise, I found Tim’s analysis essentially concurs with mine. Brexit itself is a dead duck, even as we cope with the consequences, but is anything to be learned from how it unfolded? As a lesson in how to lose your power and influence it could not be better. Just as, unintentionally, the LibDems provided a valuable life support machine for the Conservative Party, so did Cameron for the right of his own party. I suspect that having won two referendums, he was feeling lucky. If he had been a more competent politician, he could have expunged the far right ftom his party. Instead, the liberal wing of the Conservative Party has been pretty well annihilated.
    Should there be a referendum on electoral reform? No. A reforming government should simply pass the legislation, while it is in a honeymoon period. There’s nothing unconstitutional about that.

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