The Recruitment Zone: featuring a very young Lembit Opik

From the 1990s – and featuring a young Lembit Opik, the not-quite next President of Estonia, not to mention David Allworthy – this video was produced to encourage Liberal Democrats to recruit more party members:

Thanks to Pete Dollimore and Robin Fenwick for their help in rescuing this footage from an old and battered video tape.

4 responses to “The Recruitment Zone: featuring a very young Lembit Opik”

  1. “the lib dems don’t get money from big business or the trade unions” That line appears to be seared on my brain. Though the presentation’s dated, the principles are still sound, aren’t they?

  2. By odd coincidence, I was going through some drawers just before Christmas, found my copy of this video and threw it in the bin. I think I made the right decision but I am glad someone has preserved it for posterity on YouTube.

  3. I loved the jokey bit with the hidden person behind the chair holding up messages – just wished one had been off-message. The interview with David Allworthy was stilted and old-fashioned (not David’s fault). I couldn’t understand why it started with such a long presentation of fields and buildings before any information or argument began.

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