Ukrainian flies back to Kyiv rather than face long waits in Scottish NHS

Shocking news from Scotland:

Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

Liberal Democrat research has quantified how bad things are. Last year, 1 in 6 people who couldn’t get a GP appointment actually carried out a medical procedure on themselves or got someone else to do it.

Maria is 22 years old. She is a Ukrainian refugee who has been living in Scotland since the summer. She suffers from a hormonal thyroid condition which requires regular testing and treatment.

But when she presented at her new GP, she faced an unexpected dilemma. The wait was so long that it actually made more sense for her to risk traveling back to a war zone to see her doctor in Kyiv and so she did.

Presiding Officer, the air raid sirens, the drone strikes and the cruise missile attacks of the Ukrainian capital were less daunting to Maria than the wait for treatment on Scotland’s NHS. That is appalling.

“These are the risks that people are taking for the sake of their health and all for the want of basic access to primary care. Can I ask the First Minister, is she embarrassed by this?

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3 responses to “Ukrainian flies back to Kyiv rather than face long waits in Scottish NHS”

  1. my daughter having had cancer, been removed and declared all clear three years ago, started to have further problems in September. Diagnosed in Ovtober with a return of one of the two cancers she’d had back then, just going to see the specialist consultant next week.. So our cancer ‘fast track’ is FOUR MONTHS.!!

  2. Before the war started I’ve heard that British people were flying to Ukraine to have dental treatment, as it was cheaper to do so, even with the cost of flights and accommodation

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