This year’s Conservative local election leaflets are rather strange

It’s a common feature of political party leaflets to distance themselves from the party’s leader when the leader is unpopular. Usually that means omitting the leader and instead featuring local figures, or sometimes other national figures, who are more popular.

Which makes the pattern of Conservative election leaflets for this year’s local elections both usual and strange. Usual in that they omit Rishi Sunak, who is not polling great, but strange in that instead they are using a trio of national figures who poll worse than Suank:

The Telegraph has seen Conservative election leaflets in several target areas that do not feature photographs of the Prime Minister – instead showing images of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Suella Braverman….

The Prime Minister launched his party’s offering at a lacklustre event in the Black Country last week that national media outlets were not invited to attend. [Daily Telegraph]

Which is, perhaps, rather revealing about the views of Conservative members and candidates.

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2 responses to “This year’s Conservative local election leaflets are rather strange”

  1. Isn’t this part of what caused the Labour collapse in 2019 when anti-Corbyn candidates omitted any mention of Corbyn in the December general election? It re-emphasised the split party that Labour was and still remains.

  2. Maybe an attempt to shore up their core right wing base?? A defensive move. Also the fact that many leaflets are now green and orange/gold + bio of many tory MPs has deleted the word conservative!!!

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