YouGov polling for 18 council contests published

Following Electoral Calculus’s local election predictions, we now have MRP polling from YouGov for a selection of councils up for election this May:

(You may have to click on table to expand it to the full list.)

Though remember:

More details on the YouGov website.

UPDATE: See how the MRP compared with reality in my review of the local election polling.

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2 responses to “YouGov polling for 18 council contests published”

  1. Interesting polling data, but I continue to believe that if we want to do well in any elections in the near future then, as the Times suggests, we need to come out strongly and clearly in favour of seeking to rejoin the EU. Yes, a few hardy Brexit types may not vote for us, but quite simply we do not need them. More importantly, both the Labour and Conservative Parties are running scared about the EU, because although the general Population is coming to realise quickly what a fiasco our failed Brexit has been, many of their members still have their heads in the sand about it. So if there was ever an opportunity to have sea-change in British politics, this is it.

  2. The brexit crowd are unlikely to vote LD anyway. Coming out with pro EU will not harm the brand and as for rerunning the referendum, the lies that were told means the thing was a sham anyway!

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