Mark Wooding selected by Lib Dems for Central Devon

News from Central Devon Liberal Democrats:

After stunning local election wins in Mid and West Devon, and Teignbridge (which saw Liberal Democrats win 20 Council seats) the Liberal Democrats have chosen local resident, Mark Wooding, as their prospective candidate in the next Westminster election for the Central Devon constituency.

Making the announcement Dr George Dexter, Chair of the local Party, said “Mark played a key role in helping us win so many Council seats in Devon. He really wants to see change and will make a great candidate and, I believe, MP.”

“I’m delighted to have been chosen,” said Mark Wooding. “I grew up in Plymouth, and I’ve lived in mid-Devon for the last 22 years. I wake up most mornings in one of the county’s smallest hamlets to cows lowing, or sheep bleating, and most days have to muck out our own ‘beasts’. So I see the challenges at first hand that local Devon residents face.

“My neighbours in Devon face unprecedented problems; small, but annoying ones, such as hosepipe bans in the Spring, or potholes and decaying roads; or major ones caused by the cost-of-living crisis such as soaring mortgages or rents, or pensions that don’t cover the basics of living; or living with the fear as to whether an ambulance will arrive for a loved-one in an emergency.

“For too long Devon’s Conservative MPs have taken their constituents for granted. The local Council elections are the clearest sign that people want to change that, and above all that people trust the Liberal Democrats to bring change about.

“There’s a saying ‘the squeaky wheel gets the oil’. I intend to be that squeaky wheel to make sure Devon is heard in Westminster. I live local and I promise I will be vocal.

“People in Devon are turning to the Liberal Democrats. Richard Foord in our neighbouring constituency of Tiverton & Honiton is doing a great job. I know people across the county want change. To those tired of being taken for granted by the Conservatives, who are an unhappy Conservative, Labour or Green Party supporters I’d say ‘lend me your votes so we can get the change Devon, and the country, needs at the next General Election’.”

You can follow Mark Wooding on Twitter.

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