Council by-elections results: the quarterly stats

Here are the scores on the doors for the latest quarter of principal authority council by-elections. It’s notable how, once again, Labour only putting in a pretty mediocre performance, adding to the evidence that it’s large lead in national voting intention polls isn’t based on strong enthusiasm for the party.

For previous quarters, see Q4 2023, Q3 2023, Q2 2023 and Q1 2023.

You can also check out the running total of council by-election results since the last May elections, on my council by-elections scorecard here.

Understanding the opinion polls

For understanding what is happening in politics, by-elections have the advantage of being real votes in real ballot boxes. But the opinion polls have the advantage of trying to be a representative sample of voters, not just those in the places that happen to have by-elections. To understand the polls properly – and what they do and don’t really tell us – see my book, Polling UnPacked: The History, Uses and Abuses of Political Opinion Polls.

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2 responses to “Council by-elections results: the quarterly stats”

  1. The chart doesn’t make sense intern’s of seats won or lost. 3 losses and 1 gain, surely some mistake or something left out.

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