An unusual name on Basildon ballot papers

Although the descriptions and logos next to candidate names on ballot papers are regulated, the field is free for candidates to change their own names. Hence this imaginative entry on local election ballot papers for this May:

X None of the Above as name on a ballot paper

No cunning use of name change though to get to the top of the ballot paper or to copy the name of a party leader.

UPDATE: Their real name is Terry Marsh, the former world champion boxer who was nearly a Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate in 1997 until the police intervened. He was later found not guilty. He changed his name to stand as a ‘none of the above’ candidate in the 2010 general election, and again in 2015. In 2018 he was convicted of assaulting the Presiding Officer at a polling station.

UPDATE 2: Via Andrew Teale comes this spot of a pothole themed candidate name:

Boston Castle ward Rotherham list of candidates 2024

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2 responses to “An unusual name on Basildon ballot papers”

  1. We had this in Chingford and Woodford Green in a General Election. The person changed their name by deed poll. They were frustrated by the Returning Officer who decided Above was the surname and put him at the top of the ballot paper!

  2. Not the first time, NOTA or None Of The Above stood in Filtn & Bradley Stoke, at the first election of that constituency. He had to change his name by Deed Poll.
    He lost his deposit and came last but made a useful point.. his deposit was funded by donations from supporters.
    (That was just before you started your regular updates..and before your elevation too I think..)

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