More reasons to doubt that the don’t knows will rescue the Conservatives

In the latest The Week in Polls I touched on how risky it is to think of those who answer voting intention questions from pollsters with ‘don’t know’ as an easy route back to popularity for the Conservatives. Just because many of them voted Conservative in 2019 doesn’t mean they’ll be relatively easy for the government to win back.

Now some new data about undecided voters from Redfield & Wilton reinforces that point:

Redfield and Wilton voting intentions for undecided voters

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One response to “More reasons to doubt that the don’t knows will rescue the Conservatives”

  1. Interesting that the biggest portion of the don’t knows is the 22% who don’t know if they are don’t knows.

    I am beginning to have nightmares: by next summer the Tories claim to have trashed the economy by such an extent that they have no alternative but to declare a State of Emergency. They then use their powers to abandon plans for the scheduled general election stating that only a competent Tory government can put things right. They continue to (mis)rule until everyone in the country is on a NHS waiting list or on strike. America then TRUMPS this by coming to rescue us. At this point I wake up to another happy day.

    Why do all political happenings seem to occur whilst Parliament is in recess and the BBC political programmes are on a summer break?

    Just another rant from –

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