Nadine Dorries says she’s sent her resignation letter

After previously saying she’d resigned with “immediate” effect but, er…., not going, this time Nadine Dorries says she’s sent off a resignation letter:

Nadine Dorries tweets saying she is resigning - again

For more details:

At least this means she won’t have to be forced to face a recall petition.

In her resignation letter Nadine Dorries lays into the Prime Minister:

What many of the CEOs I spoke to in the tech sector and business leaders really wanted was meaningful regulatory reform from you as chancellor to enable companies not only to establish in the UK, but to list on the London Stock Exchange rather than New York. You flashed your gleaming smile in your Prada shoes and Savile Row suit from behind a camera, but you just weren’t listening…

You failed to mention in your public comments that there could be no writ moved for a by-election over summer. And that the earliest any by-election could take place is at the end of September. The clearly orchestrated and almost daily personal attacks demonstrates the pitifully low level your Government has descended to.

It is a modus operandi established by your allies which has targeted Boris Johnson, transferred to Liz Truss and now moved on to me…

Since you took office a year ago, the country is run by a zombie Parliament where nothing meaningful has happened. What exactly has been done or have you achieved?

Oh and:

I shall take some comfort from explaining to people exactly how you and your allies achieved this undemocratic upheaval in my book. 

The Liberal Democrats have selected Emma Holland-Lindsay.

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2 responses to “Nadine Dorries says she’s sent her resignation letter”

  1. Come on Emma and win this seat. We are all behind you and know you will make a GREAT MP just like the other 13 All the best. Sorry I can’t get down to help you because I have to look after my wife who has Dementia but I shall be praying for you

  2. The Tories are all in a cloud cuckoo land, but the different factions are in some very different lands..!!
    Starmer has the chance to obliterate their stranglehold on the country, now and into the future if only he will introduce PR..
    With people like Johnson, Dorries, Rees-Mogg, Truss, Kwarteng, Patel, etc getting elected to positions of power, it is self-evident that there are things fundamentally wrong with our system.. certainly not worthy of being described as ‘democratic’.

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