Three quarters of people think government spending too much time on ‘woke’ issues

The Byline Times reports on new polling that backs up what I’d told The Guardian:

Asked if they agreed with the statement that ‘the Government spends too much time talking about ‘woke’ issues such as trans rights and free speech and not enough time talking about issues I really care about’, 73% of voters said they agreed, including 80% of Conservative voters…

Asked about the Prime Minister’s recent appointment of a “free speech tsar” charged with tackling so-called “cancel culture” in British universities, 51% said they thought this was a waste of Government time and resources, with just 21% disagreeing…

Voters also appear unimpressed with the Government’s recent announcement about restrictions on unisex toilets. Fifty-three per cent of voters said the Government should not be spending time on this issue, compared to just 31% who disagreed.

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3 responses to “Three quarters of people think government spending too much time on ‘woke’ issues”

  1. I simply don’t understand what wokeness and cancel culture are. Nor where lib Dems stand on issues within whatever they are.
    Any tips on finding thorough answer?

  2. Like Steve, I’ve no idea what ‘woke’ or cancel culture is about even though I’ve read about it several times!
    So long as you are talking positively about rejoining EU and single market etc that makes more sense than talking big about EU, but making no attempt at discussing rejoining as is the case with Starmer making his EU stance a non starter in my book!

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