By 59%-13% people support reform of the House of Lords

New polling from YouGov continues the pattern from previous polling, showing very strong public support for reform of the unelected House of Lords:

YouGov polling on House of Lords reform

However, as the Financial Times reports, Labour is downplaying its reform plans:

Labour is delaying plans to abolish the House of Lords as Britain’s main opposition party hones its policy platform ahead of the general election expected this year.

Sir Keir Starmer’s party has axed proposals to scrap the upper house in a first five-year parliament and would instead implement only limited reforms to the Lords.

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2 responses to “By 59%-13% people support reform of the House of Lords”

  1. more important, and should be his very first step, is to introduce fair voting..
    Lords reform, though necessary, is not quite so urgent.. We have to stop the Tory machine taking back control again, as they will, and undoing all the good works that Lab and Lib have achieved .
    Fair votes will dismantle the centralised ‘strong’ elected dictatorship system we currently have.

    • I agree that Proportional Representation is the more important issue. But, we must also state that the Single Transferable Vote allowing electors to choose their candidates in order of preference is by far the better.
      Why is it that it seems the Labour Party always water down progressive reforms ?
      In Wales, the Senedd reform act is important as it opens the options for further devolution and has the support of the main opposition parties: Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party.
      Yet, the Labour ruling group are amending the act to change the electoral system to the party lists system which will remove candidate selection from the electorate ane place it in small groups of party activists.
      Forcing us in Plaid Cymru and Liberal democrats to accept their amendments or lose the whole reform package.
      You expect this gerrymandering from the Tories, and now Labour is doing the same.
      What are we going to do about this?

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