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Pizza Express: Byward Street – bring a towel and a shawl

Byward Street Pizza ExpressByward Street, near the Tower of London, has a very brief cameo role in the Sherlock Holmes homage, The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes, but is of more interest to me for the traditional reason, viz it has a Pizza Express.

And a Pizza Express with non-traditional toilet signage, of course. No fun mountains a la Muswell Hill or super fat legs in the style of Sutton but instead people with their legs very tightly together. Men should be looking like they are clutching for dear life to a pogo stick and women should don a shawl. If, that is, you wish to go to the toilet without thinking, “These signs suggest they’re not for the likes of me”. When you get to the toilets, marvel at the very large number of mirrors inside and the very small number of hand dryers. Bring your own towel if you want a chance to dry your hands.

The Byward Street Pizza Express is also home to the largest window logo I’ve seen so far, as if being located near such attractions as the Tower of London and Tower Bridge makes this outlet feel it has to really shout out to get people’s attention.

In traditional Pizza Express style, the bruschetta con funghi¬†was suitably soup like and the waitress’s accent got steadily more Australian as the meal progressed.

So that is 43 down, 95 (or thereabouts) to go.

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