Two interesting stories in the Mail on Sunday: David Lammy, my book

From Andrew Pierce’s column in the Mail on Sunday:

As frontrunner to be Labour’s candidate in the next London Mayoral elections, David Lammy is anxious to burnish his man-of-the-people credentials. But is he going about it the right way?

The MP for Tottenham, one of the most deprived constituencies in the country, has written to his voters: ‘Due to the Parliamentary recess, my next advice surgery will be on Friday 13th September.’

Which means he’s out of circulation for two months. It’s nice to know he works so hard for his constituents.

For more on that see my post that broke the David Lammy story (and if you still wonder why I’m not a fan of his, see his record on MPs’ expenses and his dreadful error of judgement over the Baby P tragedy). Meanwhile…

An interesting readers’ offer on the Lib Dem Voice website. The book, 101 Ways To Win An Election, written by the Lib Dems’ Mark Pack and Ed Maxfield, is being sold at half-price.

Surely, top of the list should be ‘dump Nick Clegg’.

Ahem. But if you’ve missed out on that offer, you can still buy 101 Ways To Win An Election (paperback or ebook) here.


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