Maybe Vodafone shouldn’t have told me about Ghana after all

Thankfully my travails with Vodafone customer services seem to be coming to an end. The helpful Web Relations Team seem to be sorting things out and the service is now much more reliable.

It’s still a concern that approaching a dozen Vodafone staff have at one point or another got something wrong, including failing to follow their own procedures and wrongly taking money from me. I’ve either been phenomenally unlucky or they’ve got some very deep and widespread problems. But we’ll see how things go from here.

One ironic footnote I noticed today in the news. You may recall how:

At one point the technician said I could find the solution on the Vodafone website. He told me what page to go to and what to enter in the search box on that page in order to get the fix coming up top of the search results.

One problem.

The top two results on the search he told me to do were (a) Vodafone’s expansion in Ghana, (b) Vodafone’s expansion in Malta.

Fascinating for someone I’m sure, but not quite the answer to a missing web browser. (And no, the solution wasn’t number three, four or in fact anywhere I could see in the search results.)

Good luck Ghana. Good luck Malta. You may be needing it.

And so I smiled when I read this news:

The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has contacted Vodafone over its controversial deal to buy the majority stake in the former Ghana Telecom, Ghana’s national telecom company.

The Financial Times reports that Richard Alderman, director of the SFO has spoken by telephone to Stephen Scott, head of Vodafone’s legal affairs last week.

According to the report the SFO has not launched an investigation into the deal, but is monitoring allegations of irregularities that have been made in Ghana. [Ghana Business News]

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