How to register to vote (spoiler: it is very easy to do)


Deadline to register to vote in the May elections: 11:59pm on Monday 19 April 2021.

To be able to vote, you have to be on the electoral register and to do that, you have to fill in a simple online form. Completing other official paperwork, such as getting a passport, paying Council Tax or getting a driving license doesn’t result in you being automatically added to the register. It is a separate process.

You only need to register once; you don’t need to register separately for every election. However, you do need to register again if you change your address, name or nationality.

You have to be 18 on polling day to vote, except in Scotland where it’s 16 for Scottish Parliament and council elections. It’s your age on polling day that matters, not your age when you register. Which is why you can register in advance of the birthday on which you become of voting age.

To register online right now, head over to the official registration site.

If voting in person isn’t the right option for you, either for a temporary or permanent reason, then once who are on the register you can also apply for a postal vote or appoint someone to vote on your behalf (a proxy vote).


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