How to register to vote

Electoral registration is run by local councils, so in order to get on the electoral register you need to fill in a form and return it to your local council. Filling in other paperwork, such as to do with paying Council Tax or getting a driving license, will not add you to the electoral register – you have to fill in a special form that is just about the electoral register.

You can get the right form along with the address for your local council from the Electoral Commission’s About My Vote website. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which council covers your address; the website will tell you.

There are deadlines through the year to get on the electoral register by date X. However, when an election is called, there is a special late registration deadline, so if you have just heard about an election and know you need to get on the register, don’t worry – there is likely still to be time. Head over to About My Vote at double quick speed.

Assuming local and general election both on 6 May 2010, the timetable for the elections is here – and the deadline for getting on the register will be Tuesday 20 April.

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