For the love of chocolate, if you’re going to take an action photo read this

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I like photos of potholes. Or even empty pavements.

I like photos of candidates.

I like photos of candidates and potholes.

Looking glum or not.

Possibly with pointing.

But so often the ‘action’ photo of the local campaigning ‘team’ shows one static solitary person doing nothing much other than looking lonely and static. And very small.

The solution? Read this excellent set of advice on how to take better photographs – no fancy camera required. (It’s written for non-smartphone cameras but the advice applies just as well to smartphone users.)

It’s only missing one piece of advice, namely my Rule Of The Left (And Right) Nostril which, unaccountably, hasn’t yet made it big in the US.

In other words, have you ever seen a photograph taken for use in a political leaflet that was taken from too close up? There are loads taken from too far away but I’ve never seen one that makes me think, “I really didn’t want to see quite so much of that left nostril”. So however close you are, get closer. And then get closer again.


More on action photos, of course, in 101 Ways To Win An Election.

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