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Tyler slams Steel over Lords reform

One for those who have followed the details of internal Liberal Democrat debates over House of Lords reform*: How David [Steel] squares his long-standing commitment to a fully elected House [of Lords] with the excuses for inaction he keeps handing to the ‘not at any price’ refuseniks is quite beyond me. Taken from Who Decides? … Read the full post »


The new Lib Dem peers

Here they are: Cathy Bakewell – former leader of Somerset County Council Olly Grender – former Director of Communications for Shelter, former Director of Communications for the party and former Special Advisor Christine Humphreys – former Welsh AM and President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Zahida Manzoor – former Deputy Chair of the Commission for … Read the full post »


Missing name(s) from the peerage speculation

My money is one there being at least one name missing from the speculation about who will be in the next raft of Liberal Democrats appointed to the Lords. It’s 99.4% certain there will be at least one person who hasn’t been named and they’ll be a female, former council (group) leader from outside London. … Read the full post »