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Conservative candidate tries to fake nomination paperwork

21 April 2014
Not sure it’s wholly wise of a Conservative Party agent to reveal this of one of their candidates: Candidate Two¬†managed to ask a Thai lady, who is not even a UK citizen, let alone a registered voter, to sign her paper. Strangely, however, despite not being registered she had a roll number alongside her name […]
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Electoral Commission gets nomination paperwork wrong – UPDATED

17 April 2014 ,
The Electoral Commission has missed off a key piece of information from nomination paperwork.
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A handy Facebook tip for political campaigners

13 April 2014 , ,
Facebook introduced an 'Impressum' field for Facebook pages in order to cover the legal requirements in some countries for a formal declaration of ownership. You can also use the Impressum field for holding an imprint.
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Election law still hasn’t caught up with the internet

9 April 2014 ,
Over on The Guardian there is a piece about how election law still hasn’t been properly updated to handle the internet age. Read down into the piece and you’ll find this: The Electoral Commission is not an official regulator for political campaigning and does not appear overly concerned about the spread of unattributed online political […]
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Electoral Commission recommends big increases to 2015 expense limits

25 March 2014 ,
Here’s the gist of what the Electoral Commission is recommending (and this is an area where what it recommends is almost certain to happen): To take into account the lengthening of the election timetable from 17 to 25 working days and the¬†increased cost of postage, the UK Government should make the following changes to the […]
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Good news: sensible Parliamentary by-election timetables now in force

25 March 2014 ,
I’ve written a few times about the problems with the ever-shrinking Parliamentary by-elections timetable: The average length of Parliamentary by-election campaign has shrunk by four weeks since the 1970s, sharply narrowing the chance for the public to find out about the candidates presented to them and stifling openness in the candidate selection processes which frequently […]

Sensible electoral reforms on the way in Wales

24 March 2014 ,
Roger Scully reports that the news Wales Bill includes some sensible election law changes.
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s ballot box man

24 March 2014 ,
Here’s the new film from the Electoral Commission:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  

Polling booth selfies all the rage in the Netherlands

23 March 2014 , ,
The Associated Press reports: Dutch citizens and politicians united on Wednesday in posting voting booth selfie photos, an increasingly popular phenomenon that could threaten the principle of the secret ballot but also encourages people to vote. Alexander Pechtold, who heads the centrist D66 party, was among the many Dutch voting in Wednesday’s local elections who […]
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UKIP Parliamentary candidate charged over nomination paper fraud claims

18 March 2014 , ,
Matthew Smith, due to stand for UKIP in Great Yarmouth at the next general election, has been summonsed to faces charges of electoral malpractice.