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UKIP general election candidate stands down over electoral fraud claims

26 July 2014 , ,
Four months after being charged with electoral fraud involving nomination papers for local elections, UKIP's general election candidate for Yarmouth has resigned.
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Two good ideas and one duff one from the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission's report into the May 2014 elections is fairly low-key, but in amongst the modest changes floated based on the lessons of this year are a couple of welcome details - and one misplaced idea.
Rejected party names

The political party names the Electoral Commission has rejected since 2010

15 July 2014 ,
Read the list of 25 political party names that the Electoral Commission has rejected since 2010, meaning that the party in question has had to pick a different name to be its official name and to be on ballot papers
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Labour councillor quits and calls by-election after discovering she’s disqualified

14 July 2014 ,
Labour councillor Sonia Winifred has had to resign, forcing a by-election in Knight's Hill ward after it was discovered she stood for election despite being disqualified from being a councillor due to being employed by the council.
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Hackers disrupt online electoral registration in Tunisia

14 July 2014 , ,
Hackers have disrupted online voter registration for elections in Tunisia later this year.
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CPS apologises to Michael Mates over electoral fraud allegations

East Hampshire’s former MP has been paid substantial damages by the Crown Prosecution Service after he was wrongly accused of breaking election law.
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Bradford Council worker faces election fraud charges

12 July 2014 ,
A Bradford Council worker has appeared in court charged with forging signatures on election documents.

Interested in news about how our elections are run? Here’s how to get more news

8 July 2014
You’ve probably noticed I quite often write about how British elections are run, how election law is changing and controversies that have kicked off. However, not all the stories appear on this blog or in my main Facebook/Twitter accounts. For a fuller range of stories (or if you just are interested in them and want […]
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Electoral Commission finds mistakes made in running Tower Hamlets elections

2 July 2014 , ,
The verdict: "Underlying both of these main factors were plans for the management of the verification and count on Friday 23 May which proved inadequate".
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E-voting trials end in failure in Norway

30 June 2014 , ,
Norway is ending trials of e-voting systems used in national and local elections.