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Dodgy donations: Labour is right, Labour is wrong and the media are too generous

Despite some reforms introduced by Labour in the Political Parties and Elections Act 2009 (on which see the guide I wrote), unincorporated associations continue to offer rather a loophole when it comes to donations to political parties.
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Maidstone blows £12,600 on electoral registration mistakes

Maidstone Borough Council has wasted £12,600 thanks to mistakes in electoral registration letters sent to voters.
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Newcastle Council blows £50,000 on faulty electoral registration letters

Cash strapped Newcastle City Council has had to fork out £50,000 to put right an error in a letter sent to around 180,000 voters.
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VIDEO: Scottish Independence Referendum – It’s unmissable

Here’s the new film from the Electoral Commission:   You can also watch this on YouTube.  
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Higher expenditure limits come into force for elections

Now in force is the Representation of the People (Variation of Limits of Candidates’ Election Expenses) Order 2014 which raises the expense limits for the general election and also for local council elections in England and Wales.
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Conservative Tower Hamlets council candidate charged with electoral fraud

6 August 2014 ,
Former Tower Hamlets Tory candidate Jewel Islam charged with providing a false statement in nomination papers.
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An impressively bizarre election move by a former UKIP election candidate

30 July 2014 , ,
Tracey Gough fought the Underhill ward on Weymouth and Portland Council for UKIP in May. Now she's contesting a Town Council election. Take a look at the description she has used.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets to face trial over claims of electoral fraud

30 July 2014 , ,
The controversial mayor of Tower Hamlets is to face a High Court trial over claims of electoral fraud.
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UKIP general election candidate stands down over electoral fraud claims

26 July 2014 , ,
Four months after being charged with electoral fraud involving nomination papers for local elections, UKIP's general election candidate for Yarmouth has resigned.
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Two good ideas and one duff one from the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission's report into the May 2014 elections is fairly low-key, but in amongst the modest changes floated based on the lessons of this year are a couple of welcome details - and one misplaced idea.