How digital campaigning helped the Tories win in May

An excellent talk from my former Blue Rubicon colleague Craig Elder on how digital campaigning helped the Conservatives win in May 2015, which nicely compliments Lynton Crosby’s own talk on winning elections:

On a similar point, here’s what I wrote earlier in the summer when Craig also co-authored a newspaper piece:

My former Blue Rubicon colleague Craig Elder, who went to work on the Conservative general election campaign, has co-authored an excellent piece for the Daily Telegraph on digital in the 2015 general election.

The seven key lessons in it are:

  1. Digital is serious (it’s not just about funny cats)
  2. Be where your audience is – and ignore the places they aren’t
  3. Don’t get caught up in an irrelevant numbers game (it’s about targeted conversations with swing voters, not total volume)
  4. Offer something (don’t just demand people give you their time, give them something in return)
  5. Make your supporters part of the team
  6. Every business is in campaign mode now
  7. Don’t spend £30,000 on an 8ft-tall stone tablet

With those headlines in mind, now do go read the full piece.

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