Important Connect news for Lib Dem campaigners: new canvassing script

Important news for Lib Dem campaigners in areas without local elections: the party has put together a new canvassing script in the Connect electoral database system for use in the general election. (Specific Scottish and Welsh versions of the script will come after the local elections there are finished.)

The script covers the key questions to ask, all of which match up efficiently with data stored in Connect and saves people the time of having to reinvent their own scripts locally. Using standard questions across the country also brings major benefits, including the ability for the party to better track what is going on and hence allocate resources efficiently. It also makes it easier for people who are gathering data from across multiple constituencies (e.g. via a regional petition) to then share it back with everyone at the coalface in a usable way.

People who know me will also see why I’m particular pleased about the final question in the script: it’s an obvious one to ask and yet also one that’s not infrequently been missing in the past from such scripts.

Nice work, HQ team especially with the little nuance in the set of answers offered.

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