VIDEO: There’s more to delivering leaflets than you might realise

Leaflet delivery: it’s the backbone of the Liberal Democrats and more complicated than it might appear. Why’s that? For reasons such as meter cupboards. What the video to find out more…

A couple of other tips which viewers have mentioned that I didn’t cover:

  • If you are doing a block of flats, go up to the top and work your way down. It means that in the rare case of someone being rude when you deliver a leaflet, they won’t be between you and the exit.
  • Take care to shut gates behind you, unless they are wedged open when you get to the property.

If you’re interested in the┬áresearch into why leaflets (still) work, here’s a little flavour of that.

You can see all the election briefing videos (including ones on targeting and canvassing) over on YouTube.

4 responses to “VIDEO: There’s more to delivering leaflets than you might realise”

  1. Thank you for the video, got all of that but you forgot Geese yes Geese. Everyone looks out for dogs but if you are going to deliver out in the country or near a pond with Geese they are better than any dog. General rule, if they are laying down quietly then more or less safe to proceed. No eye contact but you will know if they are not happy with you there the noise level will rise. Don’t go near their place if possible and if they start making a lot of noise and start to come towards, only option RUN. Pop the leaflet in the post.

  2. You covered most of the basics, Mark, but one or two others:
    1. It is not just houses round corners, but also down little alleyways to houses built in back gardens.
    2. We try to give all our deliverers a ‘Focus Pocus’ produced for us by the local Men’s Shed, which is like a wide flat spatula. You wrap the leaflet round the end of the spatula as you approach, and it goes through those nasty brushes like a dream, and also is a defence especially against the silent dogs… I have lost a few snatched off me, which would have been my finger! I personally know 3 people who have had the tips of their fingers bitten off by a dog. Just occasionally, pushing my FP through forcefully, the dog gets a biff on the nose, which I hope will teach it not to jump up!
    3. The way you push a leaflet through the letterbox can make the difference between whether it goes in the bin or gets read. I usually try to push it through so it lands with the headline face up – bigger print, usually challenging message! Bit like stuffing envelopes – the bit they see first when they open it should be the bit with the biggest impact!

  3. Vaguely remembering this tip, I recently delivered to a block of flats I’d not been to before and went to the top floor first. Unfortunately, only when I got to the top floor did I realize that there were no letterboxes in the doors – but a set of mailboxes all hidden round a corner on the ground floor instead…

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