VIDEO: There’s more to delivering leaflets than you might realise

Leaflet delivery: it’s the backbone of the Liberal Democrats and more complicated than it might appear. Why’s that? For reasons such as meter cupboards. What the video to find out more…

A couple of other tips which viewers have mentioned that I didn’t cover:

  • If you are doing a block of flats, go up to the top and work your way down. It means that in the rare case of someone being rude when you deliver a leaflet, they won’t be between you and the exit.
  • Take care to shut gates behind you, unless they are wedged open when you get to the property.

If you’re interested in the research into why leaflets (still) work, here’s a little flavour of that.

You can see all the election briefing videos (including ones on targeting and canvassing) over on YouTube.


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