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Welcome to my list of podcasts dedicated to, or primarily about, the Liberal Democrats. Do let me know of any additions or corrections; thank you!

The Limehouse Podcast

The longest-running and best-named Liberal Democrat podcast, The Limehouse Podcast is named in honour of the Limehouse Declaration that founded the SDP.

Its blurb:

Interviews from the world of politics, along with weekly discussions on London issues and national analysis of all things Brexit, NHS and environmental. International quarrels will be rounded up and smoothed out and a general sense of well-being will be organised.

The Limehouse Podcast is available on iTunes and Soundcloud. RSS feed here.


Debuting just ahead of the Liberal Democrat autumn conference in September 2017, Liberated has at its heart regular interviews with party leader Vince Cable.

Its blurb:

Vince Cable talks policy, politics and changing Britain’s future… And find out how you can help the Lib Dems win.

Liberated is available on iTunes and Soundcloud. RSS feed here.

Season one has now finished and season two is due later this year. You can listen to all the old episodes, which are still very contemporary.

Anger Management with Nick Clegg

Launched with an interview with Nigel Farage in early 2018, Anger Management is fronted by Nick Clegg as he interviews a series of high-profile figures about the state of politics.

Its blurb explains:

Are we living in an Age of Rage? On ANGER MANAGEMENT WITH NICK CLEGG the former Deputy Prime Minister talks to major guests from across the political and cultural landscape to ask why our world has become so driven by anger – and what is it doing to us? Is the furious populism that produced Trump and Brexit a passing phase or a new permanent feature of our politics? What’s behind the unprecedented rancour spreading through social media? Can objective truth survive in a time of fake news that panders to emotion? And if rage is the opposite of reason, how do we get reason back on top?

Anger Management is available on iTunes and Audioboom. RSS feed here.


Note: the Liberal Democrat Voice podcast series is still available, though no new posts have appeared since 2011. 

UPDATE: I’m now trying out a podcast with my former Lib Dem Voice colleague, Stephen Tall.


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