Vikki Slade selected for Mid Dorset & North Poole constituency

Congratulations to Vikki Slade who has been selected by party members to the Liberal Democrat prospective Parliamentary candidate (PPC) in Mid Dorset & North Poole.

This is Annette Brooke’s former seat and Vikki Slade has stood here before. As her previous candidate biography said:

Vikki moved to Poole in 1999 as a Regional Financial Services Manager. After settling in Broadstone, she set up a business and soon became involved in protecting small high street businesses. After running the Chamber of Trade, and campaigning for play facilities, safe streets and green issues, Vikki was elected to Poole Council.

Whilst on the council Vikki has taken a leading role in Education, Mental Health Awareness,tackling Domestic Abuse and Improving Poole Beaches and re-opened the local Youth Centre after funding was withdrawn. She created the first Fields in Trust sites in Poole, and helped form the local Neighbourhood Forum. Vikki is also a member of the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Authority and leads Neighbourhood Watch.

Vikki was a volunteer Young Enterprise mentor for seven years, working to equip students for the world of work, and campaigned to promote apprenticeships – taking on five within her own business.

There’s a full list of Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate selections so far here.

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2 responses to “Vikki Slade selected for Mid Dorset & North Poole constituency”

  1. I voted for you in the last general election. I had been a lifelong Conservative voter but I am a firm Remainer and resigned from the Conservative Party.
    We need your party as a home for Remainers but we should invoke article 50 only after a second referendum. It is the only democratic way. Don’t be drawn into Johnson’s style autocratic style – prorogation for 5 weeks is disgraceful shenanigans and I hope ruled unlawful.
    For the sake of the UK, and a stronger Europe in an uncertain world, please vote for a referendum before final decision to remain. I’m sure you can win General Election that way.
    Best of luck!

    • I voted in the Party Conference NOT to go straight for the revoke policy as I have been campaigning for over 3 years for a Peoples Vote, attending the London March on three occasions. My understanding of the new policy is that the Revoke ONLY applies if the party wins an outright majority – something that has not been done since 1906 (when the Conservative Leader and PM lost his seat!) Now that the Brexit Party has stepped aside, it is far more likely that we are looking at a hung parliament and in that case the Peoples Vote is very much the party policy. please do get behind my campaign – join as a volunteer on my website vikkislade.org.uk

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