Layla Moran: Why I am spending the next year with our armed forces

Writing in her local newspaper, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran says:

Earlier in the year, the Prime Minister took the decision to involve British troops in armed conflict in Syria…

For several days it looked like Parliament would be recalled and MPs asked to vote on whether or not to send our armed forces into conflict.

I have to tell you, in those days, I barely slept.

For a few days the burden of being asked whether our service personnel go to war or not really hit home to me the importance of MPs understanding the roles, responsibilities, challenges and pressures our armed forces face.

That’s why I’ll shortly be embarking on the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme.

The scheme sees MPs undergo military training and go on exercises alongside armed forces personnel to help inform decision-making on defence issues in Parliament.

I hope she ends up better informed than this memo of military analysis.

4 responses to “Layla Moran: Why I am spending the next year with our armed forces”

  1. Our armed forces should not be used for any other purpose than to defend the lands of the the country, which for the UK is the British Isles.
    They should NEVER be used to attack Iraq, Syria, Libya at the command of the USA and its cold-war NATO (only exists to promote US power around the world).

    See this:
    Ceuta Onslaught: How Gaddafi’s Grim Prophecy for Europe is Coming True
    if you want any more proof. Save our service peoples lives, please.

      • We were right to fight fascists as they would have launched an invasion when they were ready.
        Gaddafi’s regime was no direct threat to Britain nor the EU, but they were giving a home to displaced Africans escaping from conflict, to which now they attempt to leave Africa for Europe as they have no choice.
        So yes, it was defending our land and principles to fight Hitler and his Nazies.
        Since the Warsaw pact no longer exists then Nato is now redundant; Perhaps the EU needs its own foreign and defence alliance.

  2. To the above poster (“Welsh liberal democrat · September 9, 2018 at 12:07 pm”), citing Sputnik News is a bad idea, as it is a known Russian propaganda outlet.

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