Three opportunities to work for the Lib Dems in London

Last night I met the Lib Dem Mayor of London candidate, Siobhan Benita, and by happy coincidence today I have news of three new posts the Liberal Democrats are recruiting for in London:

The London Mayor and Assembly elections next year are a great opportunity for our party to continue building strength and to make great gains in the capital. With a fantastic candidate in Siobhan Benita and a dynamic team of GLA candidates, there’s really all to play for. To give us the best opportunity for success in this campaign and the ones that will follow, London Region are recruiting four members of staff. Two are for the 2020 Campaign, and one is a long term Regional Development Officer, focused on building capacity in the areas that we have not traditionally done well.

The roles are:
2020 Campaign Aide / Chief of Staff
2020 Communications Director
Regional Development Officer

You can see job descriptions and details on how to apply here.

2 responses to “Three opportunities to work for the Lib Dems in London”

  1. Lets hope London can lead the way in persuading the better-off members to support the employment of much needed staff. Every Region needs a paid officer.

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