Layla Moran sets out what happened when she was charged by the police in 2013

In a message on Twitter this evening, Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran set out what really happened at the 2013 Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow, something that had been the cause of rumours and speculation.

Here is what she said:
Layla Moran statement
It’s sensible of Layla to deal with this issue directly (and all the more so if she may be involved in a leadership contest soon with the attention that brings from journalists looking for shock stories).

I think Meral Hussein-Ece and Laura Gordon put it well with their tweets:

7 responses to “Layla Moran sets out what happened when she was charged by the police in 2013”

  1. someone will always dig out your past, or generate a rumour, when you decide to put yourself forward for office.. just waiting now for the back-stories of the other contenders.

    But I don’t want someone who is squeaky clean as my leader, it’s the background that makes us interesting..

  2. Hands up all those who’ve never had a relationship which broke up.

    Unless you married your first sweetheart, that means YOU!

    So, mischief-making apart, where’s the interest? Even more, where’s the PUBLIC interest?

  3. “Hands up all those who’ve never had a relationship which broke up.”

    I’ve had a few – but never one which involved violence or either of us getting arrested.

    Look, I don’t want to exaggerate what sounds like a regrettable but forgivable incident. But let’s not, in the name of protecting a potential leadership candidate, pretend that physical violence is a *normal* part of ending a relationship; and let’s consider, just for a moment, how quick we would be to declare “nothing to see here” if Layla were a man and the victim of the “slap” a woman.

  4. All I see is a woman making excuses, blame shifting, and minimizing her own violent actions. There is no excuse to strike another person, except in self-defense. This is case of domestic violence, and while I don’t believe that a single incident should mar a person for the rest of their life, I also don’t see her taking responsibility for her actions or seeking counseling for her problem.

  5. Why do people expect our politicians to be perfect? Very sad that she was put in the position where she felt the need to address this.

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