The local government record of Liberal Democrat leaders

Vince Cable on the doorstep - photo courtesy of the Lib Dems CC BY-ND 2 0

Now the wonderful results are all in, and with Vince Cable expected to stand down as Liberal Democrat leader very shortly, we can see how the party’s local government record under each leader has panned out.

Vince Cable will be able to stand down second in the league table, behind Paddy Ashdown:

  1. Paddy Ashdown: +1,390
  2. Vince Cable: +782
  3. Charles Kennedy: +257
  4. Tim Farron: +14
  5. Ming Campbell: -244
  6. Nick Clegg: -2,068

Cue debate about how much a party leader is responsible for what happens in local government during their leadership…

These figures are the cumulative figures for each May/June round of local elections. They exclude defections and council by-elections though these are not numerous enough to change the overall standings or patterns.

4 responses to “The local government record of Liberal Democrat leaders”

  1. <>
    In Nick Clegg’s case, 100%. I speak on behalf of all the excellent, hardworking colleagues I lost from my council group in 2011 and 2015. And Vince can surely claim a large share, thanks to being The Party To Stop Brexit.

  2. The legacy of Paddy Ashdown to the Liberal Democrats and to military history et al is legion and he is the highest leader with most victories in Local Elections as begets the great man as a template for all youth today and new membership.

    Who and how many former Liberal Democrat Leaders and extant, celebrate their birthdays in May 2019?

    Our great Libearl Democrats today and heritage and local communities i.e.decribed in Media as `pavement politics’ in Local Government and nation owes an incomparable debt to all!

  3. the ‘Nick Clegg’ result is no surprise, but saddened that he has to carry the can for what the Party Special Conference decided to do(with one voting against) and, given the Coalition Agreement which was drawn up for him by conference appointed negotiators. Nick was not responsible for either. Just a crying shame that our media and our stupid voting system delivered the devastating result that we knew was going to follow.
    Our Party did what was seen to be best for the country, so if we went back, with what we now know, would we have done anything differently.?
    I would change two things, add a red-line on voting reform, and abstain on the student fees issue, so that the truth of ‘introduced by Labour and increased by Tories’ would be made visible..

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