An update on my favourite Labour local election tweet

During the local election campaign, I commented how, on balance and after careful consideration, I was happy to share this tweet [now deleted] of a Labour activist campaigning:

Labour campaigner Terry Ledlie repeatedly poses in front of Lib Dem posters

What happened in this ward?

Tony Lock (Liberal Democrat) – 648
David Recardo (Liberal Democrat) – 528
Cameron Britten (Conservative) – 237
Karen Stutz (Green) –  233
Jon Britten (Conservative) – 223
Terry Ledlie (Labour) – 197

What can one say about it, then? Let’s go for, ‘thank you, Terry’. And well done Liberal Democrat poster team.

P.S. I wonder how his leaflets compare with those of Labour colleagues.

3 responses to “An update on my favourite Labour local election tweet”

  1. isn’t he really saying to his supporters ‘we don’t truly have a chance here, but the Party won’t let me do a deal, so just take this as a hint, and please give your vote to the Liberal Democrats’?

  2. He was last seen planning his next big political step after he swept to power in Yeovil: “@LedlieTerry: When Yeovil Labour is allowed to select their PPC. I will put my name forward and if selected I will put up a better challenge to @MarcusFysh than @MickJClark however let’s see how Thursday’s vote goes but I’m feeling positive.” I imagine he may have scaled back his ambition now…

  3. Momentum can be subtler than this. In Manningtree (Tendring) they ran on how their candidates were nice people (don’t know them well enough to comment, but no doubt true) and did all sorts of useful things in the community (true to on the whole true), but in two leaflets, said almost zilch about policy, unlike us. We narrowly beat them to an overall second place and the unpopular Tories benefited from the split. In Alresford (etc, etc, etc – long name) where we made our gain (sole cllr in one-member ward became two in two-member ward, comfortably) Labour ran on offering a real alternative (undescribed) to the tired old Lib Dem – Tory conflict and finished well behind everybody else, including some way behind the Green. Perhaps we should talk about woolly Socialists.

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