How do we repeat our local election triumphs in the Euros?

Liberal Democrat winning here election poster in garden

That’s the title for the talk I’m giving on Monday night for Merton Liberal Democrats, with Lib Dem supporters from other areas very much welcome to attend too:

  • Time: 7pm-9pm, Monday 13 May
  • Venue: The Sultan, 78 Norman Road, London, SW19 1BT
  • More details on the Facebook event here

Merton was the site of one of our best local election results in May 2018 so I’m also very much looking forward to hear what colleagues in Merton have to say on this.

Look forward to meeting many readers on Monday night. I may even have a book with me to sell…

4 responses to “How do we repeat our local election triumphs in the Euros?”

  1. How do we repeat our local election triumphs in the Euros?

    Mark, That is exactly the wrong question, most especially at this time, at this election. The word ‘our’ gives it away. The most important thing is ‘us’ – opposed by definition to some other ‘them’.

    A question I would ask would be along the lines of ‘How do we put together a coalition of like minded people to avoid splitting the anti-Brexit vote’. Gina Miller is asking that question and I hope she gets to support she needs to make an impact.

    Focussing just on the triumphs or otherwise of the LibDem tribe is the sort of thinking that has got us into this crisis. Tory, Labour, LibDem – maybe even ScotNat ‘success’ and party unity or discipline matters more than anything else.

    I have told my local MP, a very good one I think, that I cannot vote for him while his party leader equivocates over Brexit. I may vote LibDem on the 23rd but only if by doing so I can deny forces of reaction a chance to claim victory. If there was a Pro-EU slate to vote for it would be much easier but have you or any others of your party been calling for this?

  2. The D’hondt system helps the big parties and Farage.Vote for these you get brexit parties,even unintentially.If you vote LIB DEM you get a .. .remainer.It has to be another symple positive message cos to explain how this biased PR system works will fog peoples minds

  3. @Joe Edwards. Yes -as the national Press has reported. The Liberal Democrats did propose this but Greens/Chuck-Tigs etc rejected it.

    Slightly more progress was made ref the Peterborough by election where a ‘common’ Independent candidate was agreed, but pulled out 2 hours before the deadline due to “..intense pressure from the Labour Party and Labour Members of the People’s Vote campaign.”

  4. Possibly by moving the start time of the meeting to beyond prime canvassing time in the last stages of this election?!

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