Well this is rather weird

The New York Times brings this unexpected news which, assuming the reference is to be taken literally, is rather weird:

In Myanmar, a Former General Repents

… Mr. Shwe Mann, once the third-most powerful man in the country’s military dictatorship … has exchanged trench warfare and the bunkered mentality of a xenophobic junta for a personal library full of titles like “101 Ways to Win an Election” and “How Successful People Think.”

If Ed Maxfield and I produce a third edition of 101 Ways To Win An Election, I don’t think I’ll be approaching him for an endorsement.

5 responses to “Well this is rather weird”

  1. Shwe Mann!? A well known Scottish term spat out from a drunken Scot Somebody has got their wires crossed!!1 LoL

    • Quite. Sending in the army to remove ballot boxes or deter opposition voters, making the electoral commission declare you the winner at gunpoint, stuffing the boxes with fake votes – all of these are perfectly good ways of winning an electrion and ALDC has briefings on them.

  2. Oddly Hitler’s table talk recorded by a secretary concentrates very accurately on ‘How to to win elections’. He sets out ruthlessly the tactics of the populist right. ‘If you tell a lie, tell a big one.’

  3. Mark, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship; opportunity to reach out and bring Liberal Democrat values to Myanmar!

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