Will the Lib Dem boom go bust? Never Mind The Bar Charts Episode #9

Welcome to the latest episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts, in which Stephen Tall and I picked over the European election results and what comes next for the Lib Dems. Can the party sustain its May run of successes?

Show notes

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One response to “Will the Lib Dem boom go bust? Never Mind The Bar Charts Episode #9”

  1. Hi Mark,

    It seems that we have all done well in the European Election, the Libdems came in second place in Bexley one of the largest leave areas in the UK. On being at the count with our small group of members who are active , as a former councilor I have never seen so many votes since the late 90`s when I was on and taking a leading role after first getting elected.

    We picked up just under 10.000 votes some 15% which was very good news it will be good if they can stay with, have not seen any comments about us on your web pages saw Bromley.

    Paul Hurren
    Bexley Libdems

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