Lib Dem leadership contest: watch the first hustings in full

You can now watch in full the first hustings from the contest between Jo Swinson and Edward Davey to succeed Vince Cable as leader of the Liberal Democrats:

My take on the hustings? Neither has yet landed a key element of a winning election campaign.

The 2019 Lib Dem leadership election is being covered by me both in podcast form with Stephen Tall in Never Mind The Bar Charts (subscribe here) and in email newsletter form with Liberal Democrat Newswire (sign up here).

4 responses to “Lib Dem leadership contest: watch the first hustings in full”

  1. How depressing that on an election hustings, there is only 1 microphone!!!!! So unprofessional.

    • Lapel mic on candidates and Sal, reserve standup mic, and an audience mic, with someome mixing it. Two cameras too.

      In person is great, but without booking out football stadiums there’s no way even 10% of the membership will be able to attend.

      We need to invest far more in our online presence

  2. I disagree, it provided a visual continuity, and avoided the constant messing around with checking it was switched on etc. A pity though that the sound person couldn’t extract better quality from it and adjust the levels as it changed from one speaker to another.

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