LISTEN: What happened to the Lib Dems and how do we make it happen again? (now with subtitles)

Mark Pack and Paula Surridge
As part of the excellent post-Euros and local elections debrief session in Western Counties, I did a slot after the ever-insightful Paula Surridge.

Talking about the brilliant local and European election results, I gave four reasons why they happened – and three ways local parties can help continue and re-create such magic for future contests too.

Take a listen here (updated now to include subtitles):

Additional analysis of the 3.5 million Conservative Remainers I mention is available in this previous post of mine and I’ve written more about one crucial strategy choice that I didn’t cover – relations with other parties – here.

One response to “LISTEN: What happened to the Lib Dems and how do we make it happen again? (now with subtitles)”

  1. Brecon! I understand it is a large constituency. Is the communication linking all areas of it to central hub(s) in place so that both offices know what the situation with voters is? For example are activists on the ground knowing what is going on in other patches so that if one area needs support can the troops be redirected quickly to that area?
    A massive win would be fantastic.

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