New Lib Dem Revoke policy leads 41% – 38% among voters

Perhaps more important than the fact that the Lib Dem policy to revoke Article 50 is ahead is that it has the support of 41% of voters. That’s a big enough pool of support for the party’s headline policy to sustain a record-breaking general election result.


UPDATE: New polling shows how well this policy polls with Remainers.

6 responses to “New Lib Dem Revoke policy leads 41% – 38% among voters”

  1. Saying something is legitimate is not the same as supporting it. It would be legitimate for my son to go into an off-licence and spend £100 on spirits (he is over 18). That is not the same thing as saying I would support him doing so.

  2. but, Richard, you couldn’t stop him, and voicing your disapproval might even encourage him to just go and do it..!
    Mind, the basic question is a bit daft, of course it would be legitimate, how can it not be.? We are a representative democracy, which this govt has not yet fathomed.. ie if the majority of MPs are against something it is not going to happen, at least not legally..

  3. I’d vote leave but I think it’s fine for a Lib Dem government to do this without a referendum. It’s unfortunate that the party has been turned into a single-issue party on one of the few issues I disagree with them about, but given that’s happened, cancelling Article 50 would be a big part of what they’d been elected to do. The opposite would go for UKIP, also a single-issue party, if prior to 2016 they had won an overall majority, they’d be entitled to trigger without a referendum.
    Other parties publicly presenting a fuller range of reasons to vote them have less scope to claim a mandate to do this however.

  4. The revoke A.50 policy, if LibDems become a majority government, may be academic in the end but it sets out our stall for the upcoming general election. It’s a headline grabber that shows strong leadership. What’s so interesting about Brexit and the position of the parties is that it is Labour that’s caught in the middle between the Tories clear policy of Brexit (at all costs) and the LibDems Stop Brexit clarity. The voters know where we stand; the headline might be controversial, but it’s a positive story aimed to scoop up those disaffected Tory and Labour remain votes. Labour’s indecision and contradictions on Brexit does nothing to harness any but staunch lifetime votes.

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