A glimpse into what the future could hold for the Liberal Democrats

On Friday night I headed over to Richmond to speak at the massive meeting to kick off the campaigns for Sarah Olney and Munira Wilson:

In many ways, the event epitomised what the future for the Liberal Democrats could be like.

A diverse set of candidates in winnable seats.

A huge turnout of people who have recently joined the party, not campaigned before but are being mobilised in part by the new party pilot project I covered in Lib Dem Newswire.

And a canny bit of fundraising with not only the obligatory bucket but also an iZettle card reader which meant that for every Β£1 in cash donation in the bucket nearly another Β£3.50 was taken in card donations.

(Plus I got to tell the story about the Prue Bray board game.)

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4 responses to “A glimpse into what the future could hold for the Liberal Democrats”

  1. Liberal Democrats are ON FIRE! We’re going to WIN this GE (we’re not aiming for Second Place)
    In my constituency (a very close Tory/Lib-Dem seat) our party workers have been out for over a month and already the opinion polls have put us marginally ahead of the Tory incumbent, and as soon as the election date had been announced we had a phone session organised to call past active supporters to come in again to leaflet, canvass, Phone, or even just to donate!
    Our orange garden-boards are already appearing all over town (living in a first-floor flat on a corner property I have two in my windows). We mean BUSINESS !

  2. I live in Tiverton and Honiton we beaf the Conservatives and Labour in the European elections and have a Street stall approx 1 a month all year round

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