Another huge turnout at a grassroots canvassing training session

Photo of the huge audience at Haringey canvassing training session

The party keeps on organising them.

I keep on turning up to talk about parrots.

And supporters keep turning out in huge numbers.

Last night it was Haringey:

What greatly excites me about these events is not only the immediate benefits for getting more Liberal Democrat MPs by Christmas, but also what it shows about how we can change the way we do things – and so be even more successful in future.

Now, let’s work out my travel plans for Camden, St Albans, Putney and Sutton over the next few days…

4 responses to “Another huge turnout at a grassroots canvassing training session”

  1. We may not win this time where I am (Breckland District / Mid – Norfolk constituency ) but from 6 people who did anything at at all 2 months ago we now have 100 people taking part in our campaign and learning campaigning skills for the future. And who knows how soon the next GE will be?

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