How do you make someone join a political party? Never Mind The Bar Charts with Tim Bale

As it’s a bank holiday weekend, here’s a return outing for the most popular episode of Never Mind The Bar Charts so far this year. In it, Professor Tim Bale, one of the leading experts in political party membership, talks about who joins parties, why they join and how those who join the Liberal Democrats differ from those who join other parties.

Plus he gives his top tips on how to persuade people to join a party.

Show notes

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2 responses to “How do you make someone join a political party? Never Mind The Bar Charts with Tim Bale”

  1. People join a political party when they are fired up with a passionate concern over a topic. Which is put across with equal passion by a particular party from the grassroots to the leadership. Singing the same song. Axe the Tax,was one Anti Iraq war another 1p on income tax for Education another. clear concise message underpinning a political philosophy. Style of leadership is important but equally is the clear and consistent message that resonates with people in there communities. Put the 2 together and people will join a political party campaign within it and lead others to vote for it.

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